Kids’ Camps

Kids’ Gym Camps

From learning to do cartwheels with confidence to flying on a trapeze, your kids will develop a love of physical fitness while building social skills in these half-day camps based on development milestones.

Gym Camps List

Gymnastics Camp

Let’s Flip, Twist, Jump and Roll!  This is the perfect camp for developing gymnastics skills,  whether your child is just beginning the gymnastics journey or wanting more practice time to develop their skills.  Our quality-driven camp will challenge all levels with daily activities that build strength, flexibility, and balance.  Each day includes practice time for perfecting rolls, cartwheels, and handstands.  Your talented gymnast will be inspired to overcome challenges and reach new milestones! 

Ages 3-10

Ninja Warrior Training Camp

Acquire the skills to become a qualified Ninja Warrior!  Our action-packed Ninja Glory stations and Never Fear relays will boost each camper’s self-confidence and turn each Ninja Rookie into a Ninja Pro!  Fun and new challenges await each camper daily focusing on strength, agility, endurance, and balance.  Our Ninja camp is a great camp to build your child’s self-confidence.

Ages 3-10

Circus Camp

Flying, Flipping, Clowning Around, and Juggling!  Our circus camp provides your young entertainer with a variety of challenging activities including trapeze, tumbling skills, juggling, clowning skits, and vaulting.  Zainy arts and crafts and wacky obstacle courses create a one-of-a-kind dynamic camp experience.

Ages 3 - 10

Field Day Camp

Field Day Tumbles style.  Join us for a camp devoted to obstacle courses, relay events, challenging skills, wacky games, and extra messy crafts.  Fun-filled activities, sports skills training, and team-building activities support each day's events.  This camp is sure to have your child asking for an early bedtime!

Ages 3-10

Medieval Times Camp

Take a step back into medieval times where we create dragon egg slime, joust using foam noodles, catapult into the air and compete in mystical games.  Our daily adventures include knights and princess activities, challenging obstacle courses, and a hint of magic. This fabulous week of majestic adventures and arts and crafts is the perfect camp for all active Lads and Lassies!

Ages 3-10

Pirate Camp

It’s time to suit up and join our pirate crew!  Campers will be cast away to an island with treasure hunting, challenging rope courses, role-play adventures, and Aaarrr..mazing arts and crafts.  Our trained crew will lead all buccaneers on daily adventures that involve knot tying and treasure maps.  Creative obstacle courses and Yo Ho Ho games such as ring toss and cannonball knockout provide each camper with the ultimate pirate experience!

Ages 3-10

Sports Camp

Our Sports Camp is the perfect camp for young athletes to grow their games and participate in a wide variety of sports.   Campers are introduced to the sports of baseball, football, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, and volleyball and are provided with the fundamentals to excel. Non-stop games and fast-paced drills keep the campers moving and enjoying the competition.  Our emphasis on good sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard work allows each camper to leave our sports camp feeling like a WINNER! 

Ages 3-10

Superhero Camp

Calling all Super-fun, Super-strong, Superhuman, Superheroes! All children have dreams of becoming a superhero and Tumbles offers the perfect camp to achieve these goals.  Campers will use their imagination, creative thinking, and superhuman strength to plot their way through fabulous obstacle courses, games, and challenges.  Each camper will design their own capes and unique identity.  Our camp is jam-packed with fantastic team-building adventures that will help your child become the best super-kid and superhero!

Ages 3-10

Totally Outrageous Fun Camp

Outrageous obstacle courses, silly games, challenging skills, and messy crafts highlight this week of non-stop entertainment.   Even the zip line becomes outrageous this week with silly holds and accessories.  This camp is a Can’t-miss!!

Ages 3-10

Summer Olympics - GYM+STEAM Camp

Experience the ultimate summer camp adventure.  This one-of-a-kind camp offers young athletes a unique opportunity to engage in diverse activities, including sports and STEAM-focused activities. From exploring the science behind athletic performance to designing personalized flags and medals, campers will have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, all focusing on the excitement of the summer Olympic events.  With a focus on both physical and mental development, our Olympic-STEAM camp is the perfect choice for young athletes looking to unlock their full potential.

Kids’ STEAM Camps

Tumbles STEAM Camps give children’s brains and bodies a simultaneous workout. Using body-focused kinesthetic learning within the gym environment, these unique camps help boost retention and reinforce science, technology, engineering, art and math principles.

STEAM Camps List

"Dino"-mite Dinosaurs Camp

~STOMP!~  What's that noise?!  ~STOMP~  It's a DINOSAUR!  Join us as we become junior archaeologists.  We will study the characteristics of different types of dinosaurs, learn about how and why they are no longer here on Earth, dig for dinosaur bones, and even assemble our own dinosaur using fossils.  

Ages 4+

Atlantis: Can Legends Be Real? Camp

In this 5-day, 3-hour per day STEAM camp, we will explore Atlantis!  We will examine the challenges of underwater living, study the underwater animal and plant life, and hypothesize about sustainable underwater transportation and power sources.

Ages 4+

Destination Constellation Camp

Blast off with us on a trip to outer space!  We will study a brief history of space flight, learn about the physics of rocketry, study the solar system including planets and the moon cycle, and finally launch a student-built rocket.

Ages 4+

It's Magic!...or is it Science? Camp

In this 5-day, 3-hour per day camp, we will use physical science to explain how magic happens.  We will learn about states of matter (solids, liquids, and gasses), volume, and electricity... of course, we will learn and practice some awesome magic tricks as well!

Ages 4+

Passport to Africa Camp

In this 5-day, 3-hour per day STEAM camp, we will travel throughout the African continent learning all about the animals, plants, natural resources, art, and culture.  We will make several musical instruments, study carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores, learn about food chains, learn how to filter water, and study the Great Pyramids!

Ages 4+

Storybook Science Camp

Help!  Our favorite storybook characters are in trouble!  Our little scientists and engineers will help some of the most well-known characters out of their predicaments.  Jack needs to get down from the beanstalk.  We will build him a parachute!  The Three Billy GoatsGruff need a bridge - no problem, we will learn about how bridges are constructed and even make our own.  Join us to solve these problems and more!

Ages 4+

Wacky Wonderful Earth Camp

In this 5-day, 3-hour per day STEAM camp, we will learn all about our awesome planet as we zoom through space.  Where is our planet located?  What things are needed for life to exist?  We will learn about seasons, shadows, erosion, climate, and even make our own dream house.

Ages 4+


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