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Private Playdates for Your Family

July 12, 2020


Tumbles of Princeton


  • Private Playdates are by appointment only. You can book your appointment via email: Princeton@tumbles.net.
  • You must reserve your time slot with a minimum 24-hours’ notice. All payments must be paid in full over the phone to reserve your time slot.  Payments are non-refundable.  In the event you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment with a minimum 24-hours’ notice, you will receive store credit.  
  • When scheduling your appointment, you will need to confirm your guest list.   
  • All families must complete the mandatory consent form and waiver prior to your arrival. These forms can be printed and submitted via email.
  • Private Classes are 45 minutes in duration and cost $69 per class. This price includes the admission of 1-3 children. You may invite a total of 5 children.  Additional children cost $23 per child or 1 class credit in the Spring Session. You cannot exceed a total of 5 children.  For non-members, please add $2.50 per child for each class and $10.00 per child for 4 classes. 
  • Private Classes are calculated monthly.  Minimum 4 classes per booking. 
  • Although Tumbles instructors will provide lessons and activities, private classes are non-contact, which requires parental supervision and assistance.  Each child should be accompanied by a parent/guardian during the 45-mins class time. 


  • Please be ready 5 minutes prior to your scheduled private class time.
  • GENERAL RULES: All private classes are non-contact.  No sharing of props or equipment.  COVID protocols and social distancing apply.  Each child must have his/her own gym mat or yoga mat unless they are siblings or related.  Adult guests must wear a face mask.  Children age 3 and older are encouraged but not required to wear a mask.
  • SPRING CLASS CREDIT If your child is enrolled in the Spring session and paid-in-full until July 5th, you can use 3 class credits to exchange for 1 Private Class for 3 children, or 4 class credits for 1 Private Class for 4 children (1 class credit for each child). 
  • B-DAY PARTY DEPOSIT You can apply your store credit of $100 B-day party deposit for 1 Private Class for a maximum of 4 - 5 children.
  • PUNCH PASS If you previously purchased a punch card you may use 8 punches in exchange for 1 Private Class for 3 children. This is the cost of admission for 3 children with a five-guest maximum. If you wish to invite more than 3 children, each additional child will be 3 punches. Your total children guest attendance cannot exceed 5 guests total.